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Export and Expand A Practical Guide to International Growth

Market Entry

Expanding into new markets, categories or trade channels is the most common strategic challenge facing our clients.
Many are unsure which markets have the greatest potential or what is required to successfully start business.
We have a proven approach, called the Exigo market entry roadmap.

Distributor Partner Search

Finding, auditing and selecting the right trade partners to grow an international business is a critical success factor. We not only have lists of the key distributors in the Asia region but have worked closely with many of their Management teams accelerating clients' business.
The approach we take to finding and selecting distributors is as follows:-
Understand the route to market model used by close competitors Research distributors and other trade partners with proven capabilities in the channel(s) which are the most important Audit distributors specifically their sales, key account management and operational capabilities before making recommendations.

Retailer Partnerships

We have extensive experience of working directly with many of the major modern trade retailers in Asia to expand business. Retailers are always looking for innovative and compelling brand and product ideas which accelerate category growth and like to work directly with brand owners.
We work with clients to identify which retailers are key, creating strong and compelling commercial propositions based on customer needs and broker meetings and negotiations to gain listings as well as on going merchandising and promotional programmes to create trial and repeat purchase.

Brand Innovation

Creating a strong innovation pipeline is important in most industries, it is especially the case in consumer products.
Despite the headlines about globalisation, consumer preferences and habits remain very local. This means companies must often adapt or even completely alter their products and services to meet local tastes and price points.
Using insights, innovation tools and hands on industry expertise we help clients design and create new brand concepts, products and processes using proprietary tools like the Four Corners.


Gradar is a global business competency assessment tool developed by Exigo to measure the technical skills and knowledge of executives.
Gradar uses a proprietary suite of questions to evaluate proficiency. Gradar allows businesses and human resource professionals to identify organisational talent gaps.
Gradar is designed for use in the international consumer products industry but can also be adjusted for other sectors.

Services & Capability Programmes

Market Selection
Consumer & Customer Insights
RTM Strategy
Branding, Innovation, Product Development
Selling & Negotiation
Marketing Activation

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