Get in shape, quickly, at your local convenience store!

Get in shape, quickly, at your local convenience store!

Last month, Familymart, which is now the No 2 convenience store chain in Japan following its merger with Sunkus and Circle K, announced the launch of “Nutritional Care Stations” in conjunction with Nissei Drug.


For the first time ever, convenience stores will have a nutritionist on site dispensing dietary advice based upon patient’s blood pressure and sugar levels. Familymart is offering a “menu” of options for patients priced around Yen 3000 designed to improve wellness, and crucially for the retailer, repeat visits.

The nutritionists are qualified and the scheme has the blessing of Japan’s Dietetic association. Familymart is estimating that around 150 patients per month will use the service.


Japanese consumers’ health predilection is folklore.  The typical consumer visits the doctor over eleven times a year; it’s the world’s second biggest pharma market; companies insist all employees take mandatory medical checks; and there are over 30,000 drug stores stocked to the rafters with perhaps the widest range of medicaments on the planet.

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