Healthy mayonnaise combats high blood pressure

Kewpie is making waves with its new “functional food” mayonnaise that helps those suffering from high blood pressure.

The company which has sales of over US$6billion, recently launched a Mayonnaise containing linseed oil, high in α-Linolenic acid, which has similar attributes to fatty acids found in fish oils.

Kewpie Amani Healthy Mayonnaise Japan

In the past manufacturers had to go through an extensive, quasi-pharmaceutical product testing to make strong food claims. In order to spur innovation, there has been some easing of these restrictions, although manufacturers still need to provide a hefty health dossier to support claims.

This is the Kewpie “amani” (アマニ油マヨネーズ) TVC. It explains that the product contains 30% α-Linolenic acid, plus shows how it can be used for cooking.

Recently Kewpie has set up some “vegetable” cafes in Tokyo and Osaka. Perhaps they have some research insights which suggests that health and mayonnaise are not synonymous…

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